Business Strategy Session

– 2 Hour in depth strategy.

Have you often sat down to research how to start a business, look at all the platforms, only to be faced with so much conflicting information on Facebook, Google and all the rest? Joe soap says this, Jane says this, and you left more confused as when you started? At the end of this Business Strategy session, you will know how to establish your business in Dubai without confusing information that will get you operating in record time, with the confidence to launch your business and position it to profit so you can generate leads and sales on a constant basis.

Where it all started?

Well we have all felt that way, including myself when I setup my first business in 2003. I had no Entrepreneurial knowledge as others had, just knew I had a desire in my heart to be an entrepreneur, and I knew if I put my heart and mind to it that I could run my own business. I made many mistakes; didn’t have the background knowledge, but endeavored that somehow all the mistakes, wrong partnerships, what to do with a setup or not, the pitfalls to avoid with banking etc, that I would use this to the benefit of helping others.

Lets see if this is the right fit for you and if we can work with you..


Who do we serve with the business analysis?

We serve individuals wanting to establish their own businesses in the UAE without the confusion caused by setup agencies with conflicting information.


What problem will we solve for you?

We will help entrepreneurs who don’t know how to setup their businesses and what to look for in an agency to assist you with a turnkey solution to establish, launch and position you to profit venturing into the UAE.


Direct outcome you will have during this strategy session?

By the end of this business strategy you would be able to:
  • Make an informed decision on how to setup your business and structure you will use
  • What you would be looking at in a free zone when setting up, or a Dubai Mainland company ; and it is not about the price, it’s about the benefits and drawbacks you have after setting up;
  • Know the common mistakes everyone makes when applying for bank accounts, and the one key element that will ensure the application will be considered.
  • What pitfalls to think of and avoid when setting up that results in delays in your business operating.
  • What to consider when you apply for payment gateways to take payments online.
  • What info you require in order to lodge your VAT application and when does it become applicable
  • The key factors that banks look at when you open up your bank accounts.
  • A detailed Strategy document that will outline your entry launch and positioning on how to effectively generate leads and sales through the use of a dedicated sales strategy.
  • UAE roadmap that can be implemented so you can grow your business effectively.
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