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Michelle Kruger is known throughout her global network of clients and to those in Dubai for her innate ability as someone able to attract amazing business relationships, to align the right people with the right projects, create leverage for everyone involved and ensure an instantaneous alignment in the connection.

This is based upon her ability to hear within each person the unspoken voice of their heart, of their dreams, which she assists each person to carry through into the fulfillment of their business ventures and sometimes a legacy of powerful change for the world.

With over 22 years experience in developing a series of large global networks of trusted relationships, opening new markets with cross-cultural bridge building, headhunting, and developing top talent/strategic marketing campaign initiatives, her skills have been pivotal to the success of many global businesses and individuals and matching high level sponsors with the correct organisations choosing to operate within the UAE. In 2000, Michelle located to the UAE where she established, project managed and rolled out operations across the IT industry. As Dubai was seen as a hub for International Business, Michelle quickly began leveraging this centre of business excellence by building relationships within the region, which she took with her as she joined a large training and HR organization, to develop their business within the region.


From here she was able to expand relationships within the Local Dubai communities to set the foundation for the many successful and exceptional business relationships that she now has within her network of clients. This cross-cultural bridge building was to be of the utmost importance in the years that followed. By 2003, Michelle established her own Dubai consultancy company which focused upon being the cross-cultural bridge for foreign clients who wished to operate, transact and work within the Middle East, assisting groups from South Africa and Germany to set up their businesses within the region.


In 2005, Michelle became part an international entrepreneur group, headquarters of which were in Singapore. Her experience here was to spearhead a whole new perspective which inspired Michelle to create her own new approach to adding significantly demonstrative, increased value to her Middle Eastern clients with their entrepreneurial startups. Coupled with her extensive experience in recruitment she was able to effectively assist each client to identify the unique talents and skills in order for recruitment within the Middle East. As a Wealth Dynamic Practitioner and ICF coach she assisted organizations with their sales teams, by realigning and developing their unique skills, leading directly to improved staff retention and higher sales.


In 2006 Michelle established the Middle Eastern arm of the entrepreneurial venture attracting leading entrepreneurs from within the Gulf. Within this forum, Michelle was able to leverage her extensive knowledge and skills to host many top international speakers in the self- development fields for the first time in the Gulf, speakers such as the renowned Dr John Demartini. At the end of 2008, Michelle decided to expand her business reach into the USA. By 2009 she was approached by individuals within the private equity and financial Industries to utilize her worldwide network of contacts to form the basis through which they would leverage their off market investment projects.


Word spread quickly as Michelle was then approached to do the same for clients in the entertainment industry and asked to assist to transition a client’s business in Dubai to Los Angeles.
In 2010 she moved to Los Angeles to open the market for some of her clients. That year also saw her establish Charis Global Alliance as a foundation for leveraging the various initiatives of her clients, a company based upon her own core principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, and which forms a platform for Catalystic change and success throughout the Financial, Talent and Entrepreneurial fields.


Charis is the root word for ‘Grace’ or ‘Unmerited Favor’ which directly reflects the way that Michelle sees and treats each of her clients as, ‘A unique gift from God’ ’. Everyone has been born with a gift, and its everyoneʼs right to exercise the gift within, do what they love and enjoy their passion. When asked what has been the formula to her success, she boldly declares “Jesus – My Lord and Saviour. All Honor and Glory to Him.


As the person responsible for establishing and cultivating cross industry, cross-culture, strategic partnerships, Michelle is in the unique position to bring her extensive, trusted global network of extraordinary individuals together with her unparalleled, exceptional skills to open essential new markets for any of her clients in the UAE and align the right people with the right projects to ensure there is always optimum leverage, fulfillment and reward for everyone involved at the heart of all relationships and partnerships established.


With a passion for people since establishing her first venture in Dubai in 2003, Michelle has established an Online Entrepreneurs Institute, for Entrepreneurs, to rediscover their gifts, transform their believes around their own abilities, by providing them with unique coaching and training tools, that empowers them in order to build and monetize their talents and gifts through building successful brands online.

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