How quickly can I have my company setup and operating in the UAE?

Depending on the structure you choose would it be a freezone or a mainland entity, you can be operating within a week with a freezone, and a mainland company within two weeks, depending that all structures such as offices are in place.

Is it true that nationals own 51% of your company if you establish a mainland company, and they have to take profits?

According to the rules of the UAE when establishing a mainland license consisting of partners, you would have to make use of a UAE national on your paperwork, however the UAE national acts as a local service agent and you pay them a yearly service fee.

Can you get a bank account in the UAE if you have a company established here?

Yes you can have a bank account as company owner, however most banks require that the owners of the company has an established residency visa in Dubai.

Is it true that the activities you choose have a direct impact on whether a bank will see you as a high-risk business or not?

Choosing the correct activities for your license is very important and it has a direct impact on how a bank would view your relationship with them. At all times be clear about what you would be doing and how you would derive your income.

Is it easy to do business in the UAE?

Every business has its challenges when starting a business, however with the correct strategy and guidance, built on knowledge obtained and studied, success is always possible!

Is dealing with Government difficult or are their processes easy to understand?

In the beginning, yes it can feel a bit daunting, however with the Smart Dubai Initiatives of all governments they have made transacting with them a pleasant experience. Processes and procedures in order to fulfill certain governmental functions are a bit more complicated, however with the correct guidance and assistance, it can be a pleasant experience.

Do you only setup companies, or can you guide us on how to do business in the UAE?

We have over 20 years of experience in the UAE. Some of them has been pleasant experiences for us and some not, however we have ensured that clients can capitalize on our experiences, therefore their experiences are always a pleasant one.

There are so many setup agents, how do a person choose who to deal with?

There are various setup agents, some prefer to build relationships with their clients, some choose to purely setup companies. Our advice to any potential business wanting to enter the UAE would be.

  • Look at the network they serve
  • See who are their clients
  • See the values that they hold true and act upon
  • How do they treat you and give time to you even if you are not their client yet.
  • Can they provide you with overall strategies and long term objectives?
Can you have more than one business in the UAE?

You can have as many businesses as you choose within the UAE, obviously with a residency visa linked to one organization for residency purposes.

When entering the UAE – is it important to have your digital strategies in place or not?

In the UAE’s advance digitalization strategy, the UAE has transformed and has truly forced organization’s to promote their businesses online, more recently so in 2020. As we have had to adapt to unforeseen circumstances in 2020 this has ensured that any organization should have a digital strategy in place to engage their target audiences online by creating their offline experiences online..

Is purchasing a license a once off cost or recurring?

Licenses are renewed yearly, together with the establishment cards for visas.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank Transfers and online payments via our personalized payment processor.

Can I operate my business from outside the UAE?

You can operate your business from anywhere in the world, however for funds received for providing any services and goods under this organization is subject to 5% VAT.

Is it required to apply for a VISA to start a business in the UAE?

No, a license is first issued , and thereafter the client can apply for a visa.

What is the minimum waiting period before my business is established in the UAE?

Your business can be established in 1 week within the UAE.

Should I be able to speak arabic to do business in the UAE?

Not at all, Dubai is cosmopolitans and business is also done in English.

Should I be physically in the UAE to register my business?

No, you don’t have to be physically present within the UAE to establish a license, however when establishing you should show an entry stamp that you have visited the country before when dealing with a freezone.

What is the minimum waiting period for opening a bank account in the UAE?

To be conservative bank accounts can take from 30 – 60 days.

Once my business is established, can I do business outside the UAE?

Absolutely, but any business should ensure that funds received and services provided under this organization would be subject to VAT.

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