WELCOME TO DUBAI'S LEADING Business setup advisory. Charis Global Alliance has over 22 years of experience assisting startups, established businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and expand into UAE and GCC Markets.
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What we love

to do is to provide a first class service to clients globally and locally within the UAE.

We provide a full turnkey solution for each of our clients that entails an intensive strategy session to setup their’ business, positioning it in a manner that benefits not only their online digital strategies, but ensure they work together hand in hand to open the market and create the most favorable presence for their business and brand.

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How we work

No two organisations are the same, that’s why we take you through a dedicated structured process to tailor each setup uniquely that is aligned with your vision and goal outcomes for the UAE.

Strategy Session

Fact finding session is done to understand your business vision, objectives and target reach.

Market Analysis

A proposal customized according to analysis, what would best suit your organization, tailormade.


A tailormade business proposal for setup and set into motion action plan that includes time objectives and targets.


All services proposed are implemented and executed to get you to full operational capacity.

How we can serve you

Connections are key when entering the UAE, and experience within the markets. Our solutions ensures we cover all these under your tailormade turkey solution.

Get Setup In UAE

Are you looking to establish a company in the UAE and you not quite sure where to start, who to connect to, and which type of setup is right for your business?

Governmental Approvals

Do you have products and services that require governmental approvals? We take you through the process seamlessly with trusted years of knowledge and know how.

Digital Sales Consultancy

If you do you leaving a huge amount of sales behind? Let us guide you through our Sales Funnel Agency how to make money with your product and services using funnels.

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